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Forgotten (2021)

Director: Mawrgan Shaw
Length: 4 min 23 sec
Country: Australia, Canada

Technique: 2D frame-by-frame animation (hand-drawn, rotoscope, digital)

A timely interpretation of one senior's loneliness, sorrow, and deteriorating grip on reality. 

Selected Screenings

2023/10 Dia Internacional da Animação, Brazil

2023/10 TOPU International Animation Week, China

2023/06 Cortocircuiti, Bari, Italy

2023/04 AniMate, Sydney, Australia

2023/03 Cinema Spectacular, Vancouver, Canada

2022/11 Canberra Short Film Festival, Canberra, Australia

2022/08 BANG Awards Festival, Torres Vedras, Portugal

2022/08 Countryside Animafest Cyprus, Salamiou, Cyprus

2022/06 Southside Film Festival, Bethlehem, USA

2022/06 Warbuton Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia

2022/06 Florida Animation Festival, Florida, USA

2022/05 St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia

2022/05 Les sommets du cinéma d'animation, Montréal, Canada

2022/05 NCCC Film & Animation Festival, New York, USA

2022/03 Athens Animfest, Athens, Greece 

2022/03 T-Short Animated Film Festival, Riga, Latvia

2022/03 Pendance Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

2022/03 Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Kingston, Canada

2022/02 Melbourne Women in Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia 

2021/11 Ce l’ho Corto Film Festival, Bologne, Italy

2021/11 GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation, Calgary, Canada

2021/11 Etiuda & Anima International Film Festival, Kraków, Poland

2021/11 Hamilton Film Festival, Hamilton, Canada

2021/09 Ottawa International Animation Festival, Ottawa, Canada

2021/08 Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine

2021/07 Insomnia International Open-Air Animation Film Festival, Moscow, Russia

Days Like These (2020)

Director: Mawrgan Shaw
Length: 2 min 18 sec
Country: Canada

Technique: 2D frame-by-frame animation (hand-drawn, rotoscope, traditional)

An animated journey through dance, exploring the tension and anxiety we suffer when touch is no longer safe.

Selected Screenings

2022/04 AniMate, Sydney, Australia

2022/03 T-Short Animated Film Festival, Riga, Latvia

2022/02 Bottle Post Dance Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan

2022/01 Le plus petit festival d'animation au monde, Quebec, Canada

2021/10 Nice Dance Film - Un Festival C’est Trop Court, Nice, France 

2021/10 ReelOZland, Melbourne, Australia & Jakarta, Indonesia

2021/09 Coctelito de Videodanza, Mexcio City, Mexico

2021/09 Deep Focus Film Festival, New York, USA

2021/09 TANZAHOI International Dance Festival, Hamburg, Germany

2021/07 Cinema Spectacular, Vancouver, Canada

2021/06 19th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels, Turkey

2021/03 Toronto Animation Arts Festival International, Toronto, Canada

2021/01 SzólóDuó International Dance Festival, Budapest, Hungary
2020/12 ROLLOUT Dance Film Festival, Macao, China
2020/12 Les Sommets du cinéma d'animation, Montréal, Canada
2020/12 kNObBOX dance Film Festival, Texas, USA & Seoul, South Korea

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