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T-Short Animated Festival - 'Forgotten' and 'Days Like These' Official Selection 2022

The T-Short Animated Online Festival runs this year from March 10th to March 27th online. Founded in 2002 at the International Animated Films Festival BIMINI, in Riga, Latvia, T-Short was born from the idea to create an accessible video project to share short animated films with a broad audience, and connect festival-goers directly with directors and other creatives.

This year, T-Short received more than 1,600 animation submissions. From these, 296 animated works from 52 countries of the world will be shown, including two of my short animated films.

Forgotten, completed in 2021, is in competition in the premiere Storyline Film showcase, and Days Like These, completed in 2020, is in competition in the Bizarre Animation showcase.

To purchase tickets or for more information click here!


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