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Bear's Den 'Shadows' Music Video Released

The latest music video I created for the incredible Bear's Den (Andrew Davie and Kevin Jones) is out today! A continuation of the narrative introduced in the music video for Spiders, Shadows tells the other side of the story.

As two people people journey through memories together, one becomes lost in their own sadness, needing their partner to find a way to reach them. The visual story came to me from a place of wanting to show a connection between two people that wasn’t necessarily grounded in a real space, but a representation of all that we and our loved ones endure when afflicted by depression.

As Davie explained when asked about Shadows, "the song is generally about talking to someone who is struggling with their depression... The point of the song is saying just hang in there and I'll be there. I think that's probably why it felt right for it to be a quite triumphant sounding song amidst the darkness and sadness of the's quite dark but deserved an epic approach."

Digitally hand-drawn and animated frame-by-frame, Shadows contains over 3,000 unique illustrations. Animated on what is known as two’s, 12 illustrations are required for every second on screen. As an independent artist, the process from concept to delivery is my work. Creating not one but two music videos that together form their own short story was such a wonderful experience. Pitching a narrative that carried through both songs and reinforced the connections and themes the band feel passionately about is something I'm very proud of.


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