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Opening of Augmented Reality Mural 'Spring'

The weekend marked the opening of the augmented reality mural Spring! Spring, a collaboration with mural artist Poonam Sharma, is located at 519 Drury Lane Burlington in Ontario, Canada. Featured within the mural is a complex augmented reality animation I created, visible using Artivive.

Linking classical with digital art, Artivive allows artists to create new dimensions with a digital layer, opening a whole new world of possibilities. Visitors can see the mural come to life by simply pointing their phone camera at the large-scale artwork.

The mural is an initiative of the City of Burlington’s Celebrating Diversity through Public Art program. The work features uplifting design which brings positivity, and engages people from a variety of backgrounds, professions and histories. The folk-art elements reinforce the idea that we are all interconnected and that the strong spirit of people is integral to the health, happiness and success of our communities.

Poonam has painted over twenty-five murals across the GTA and believes in working closely with community members. She says, “A painting belongs to the artist however, a mural belongs to the community.” It was an honour to collaborate on this piece!


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