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Florida Animation Festival - 'Forgotten' Awarded Best Experimental Animation 2022

The Florida Animation Festival is a multi-day film festival launched in 2016 by The Tallahassee Film Society to showcase amazing animated films and spotlight both regional and global animation talent. The festival includes short animated film submissions from around the world, as well as hosting workshops, speakers, and more. The FAF comes to life annually inside of a historic Amtrak Station in the All Saints District of downtown Tallahassee; a unique, storied location from 1858 that speaks to the FAF’s identity.

Forgotten is an official selection for this year's festival and will screen in the Yearning for Learning program, a collection of films providing social commentary from June 9th - June 26th via Gumroad.

Speaking about the Yearning for Learning program, "one of the motivations for creating art is to comment on the state of all things - from somber reflections on the worst humanity has been capable of, to the fears of a frenzied and uncertain future" and it is these themes the judges have focussed on in this selection.

Update 07.2022 - I'm honoured to announce that Forgotten was awarded Best Experimental Animation in the Independent category. About the film the judges said "An amazingly powerful piece. Not only is this animation ambitious with the topic it seeks to explore, but the visual design and animation themselves both emphasise and bring home the feelings of isolation and loneliness that this film wishes to convey." Thank you so much to the festival, attendees and congratulations to everyone involved.

To purchase tickets or for more information click here!


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