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Music video for Charlie Cunningham's 'End of the Night' released

'End of the Night' from the album Frame by singer-songwriter Charlie Cunningham is the latest collaboration to be released online.

Created using both traditional and digital painting and drawing, the animated music video is inspired by my own experiences with dysmetropsia - otherwise known as Alice in Wonderland syndrome.

Charlie had said that 'End Of The Night’ is a song that looks at feelings of isolation and withdrawal, contrasted with a desire for connection and acceptance, both in relation to the self and a wider community - it was this I wanted to capture in the story and essence of the video, to visit the spaces we feel are safe or unsafe, and how our mind can alter or change that perception, even against our will.

Drawn by hand and animated frame-by-frame, End of the Night features both traditional and digital media, mixing watercolour with marker, charcoal and digital line-art and painting.


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