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Cinema Spectacular - 'Forgotten' Official Selection

Cinema Spectacular in Vancouver is a celebration of Canadian cinema, its stories, talent, and passion for great films. The first in-person event since the pandemic, 2023 is going to be a joyous celebration of filmmaking communities across Canada.

Opening March 26th at the VIFF Center, and all week long virtually, Canada-wide, the program is full of new and familiar faces, wonderful stories, and truly independent Canadian cinema, including my own short film, Forgotten.

Cinema Spectacular's long-term goal is to help Canada’s film community continue to build while supporting the local filmmakers that work in every province. Cinema Spectacular operates as a screening, social hub, and networking event - by filmmakers for filmmakers - getting projects on the silver screen, starting collaborations, and inspirations for even more projects!

For more information and to buy tickets to the festival, visit the website!


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