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Pete Hollis 'Stay' Music Video Released

My latest animated music video 'Stay' created for Pete Hollis is out today!

Pete Hollis an American artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Featuring vocals by Florine, Stay take us on a bilingual journey of two people desperately trying to stay together though they know they aren't any good for one another.

Can you take a look through my eyes

Bloodshot, you know I’m not doing fine

So tired of this back and forth

Baby I can't do this anymore

Drawing inspiration from the dreamy nostalgic sound of Stay, the music video features animation using an acetone transfer printmaking technique derived from lithography. The visuals reflect and reinforce the push and pull of the lyrics, drawing us into their headspace and struggle.

I know it's the wrong time

I know it's not working

The way it is

But I want you to stay

Acetone transfer is a technique often seen in mixed media, but very rarely in frame-by-frame animation. It is the art of using a solvent to cause ink to dissolve and re-ahdere to another surface. Each loop is drawn, then individual frames printed and hand-transferred, before photographing and re-sequencing the images. Editing, layering and colourising then follows. I captured a portion of the process and you can watch it below - this covers transferring and capturing the prints.


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